Ivy Novaworth


Ivy has long red hair and golden eyes, and is very beautiful though she does not seem to notice it. She tends to dress down her looks and has been now to walk around for hours with oil stains while she is working on a mech.


8 INTELLIGENCE 8 Education
5 COOL 12 Stability
7 EMPATHY 10 Anime Leap
6 LUCK 60 Lift
5 BODY TYPE 20 Throw
0 PSI NA PSI Points
1D10: 1 2-4 5 6 7-8 9-10
LOC: Head Torso R.Arm L.Arm R.Leg L.Leg
SP: - - - - - -
Hits: 6 12 9 9 9 9

2 IP In Reserve

Skill Lvl Stat Stat Tot Skill Lvl Stat Stat Tot
Mecha Design 7 Tech 9 16 Mecha Tech 7 Tech 9 16
Basic Repair 2 Tech 9 11 Jury Rig 5 Tech 9 14
Oratory 2 Emp 7 9 Programming 4 Int 8 12
Awareness 4 Int 8 12 Zero G 0 Ref 8 -
Dodge & Escape 2 Ref 8 10 Handgun 1 Ref 8 9
Sing 3 Tech 9 12 Drive 2 Ref 8 10
Hand to Hand 2 Ref 8 10 Electronic Warfare 3 Int 8 11
Language: Federation 3 Int 8 11 Language: Imperial 0 - - -
Mecha Pilot 8 MRef - - Mecha Gunnery 6 MRef - -
Mecha Missiles 4 MRef - - Mecha Fighting 3 MRef - -
Mecha Melee 5 MRef - - - - - - -
Weapon WA Range Damage Shots BV Conc Weight Cost
Auto Mag w/smartgun +3 15-100 3d6 8 1 J 1.5 437/22

105894 Cr on hand

Equipment Weight Cost
Casual Clothing (2x skirt/blouse, Dress, 4x jeans and T-shirt, Jacket, Jumpsuit - 400
Communicator 1kg 100
Pilot Suit/Space Suit - -
Tech Scanner 1kg 200
Micro-Comp 2kg 600
Micro Tools 2kg 10
Tech Tool Kit 1kg 100
Grave Bike MA 11 SDP 15 na 1500
Auto Mag w/smartgun 1.8kg 937
Clips x10 - 220

Very little matters of her past at this point as the planet she is from is lost. True she was born to the Novaworth Family and that they were a huge into Mech design on our planet. Novaworth weapons where some of the best design out there. My older brother William will inherit the company as anyways. I have always enjoyed taking a weapon all the way to the field and testing them in combat. My brother does not like me; I think he is jealous of me getting out in the field when he was stuck at home. My sisters Trisha and Debra both work for the company as well though they never achieved mine or my brother’s success. Still Trisha I will miss and I am sure she will miss me very much. If I could get back I would bring her out into the stars with me. she would love it out here. Denice Trentin and I were to meet up again in the next month, our collage hood friendship has lasted many years and she is another I will miss. Jean Albright are neighbors daughter and I always went shopping when in town, without her my fashion will most certainly go way down. And of course I cannot forget David Mortinson, though it has been years since we were lovers we are still friends.

I have been told that I am Intellectual and somewhat detached, I am sure that is not true. I Value knowledge of Mechs and tend to lose myself in their studies. The one thing I was able to bring with me and my still greatness possession is my books, and of course I mean my books on Mech Designs. My sister Trisha, I miss her very much…there must be a way to see her again.

Morgana and I became friends while I was working at the Novaworth plant. She is married now but still she helps me keep tabs on my brother.

After the design for the Novaworth 13.73x mech autocannon beat out the design of Lisa Fortnight she has always avoided me…strange that how could she not want to learn from the best.

After the Novaworth 13.73x went to the test mecha I followed it into the proto type for testing…I used my company ties to force them to take me and well the pilot that was scheduled to test it was released. We tend to get into verbal shooting matches when we are in the same room.

After the mech I worked on went to the field I followed it, signing on a mercenary contract to try the mech in the field. Ah that was a fun time with Kaeda, she really seemed to understand how much I enjoyed mechs. If only during that one attack she would have fled instead of running out there to make sure I was safe. The mech pilot who killed her died shortly thereafter from lead poisoning.

On the last contract I meet Drake Chekovaski the Contact I used to help get the equipment set up to leave the city…at least he got paid. Drake and I have been working together for a while.

Ivy Novaworth

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