Near Zero

Arrival on Algol

In the Algolian Year (AY) 1516, a small damaged escape pod appears out of the void, hurtling past Dion and towards the surface.

Onboard the shuttle are the survivors of a battle between the United Galactic Federation (UGF) and the Grand Empire (The Empire). Too battered to fight each other, they sit helplessly, unable to control the pod, wondering what their fate will be.

Soon, they become aware of a ship approaching. It is small (by their standards), but represents salvation. The only problem: It is neither Federation or Empire. It is an unkown.

After being brought onboard, they learn that the ship is Elaran, and the planet they are headig towards is called Algol. Both the imperial and Federation crews realize that this world has never been contacted, and chances of rescue are slim.


Thomssen Thomssen

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