Near Zero

A Chilly Reception

After escaping from Schildkrote, the party managed to arrive at Tarkas on the Kargan mainland. Kyle was, uhm, busy below decks with Alexandra, so did not go ashore immediately. Marcus and Delphy went into Tarkas to find transportation for themselves (and their meks) into the Kargan hinterland. After some looking, and a little help from Myra, they found an Elaran ex-patriat who was willing to arrange what they needed.

However, as they wrapped up the meeting, Kargan KAVAAK (secret police) entered the building, looking for ‘the usual suspects’ (spies, dissidents, and the like). Although given a scare, they are not discovered. Unfortunately, Kyle chose this time to come into town, and is taken in the sweep. He is released (mostly due to the Kavaak leaders interest in where he will lead them than any actual innocence…)


Thomssen Mach5RR

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