Campaign Series Synopsis



Premise: War/Intrigue
Genre: Mecha Sci-Fi
Voice: Medium (generally serious, with moments of humor)
Tech Level: 7(8)
Mecha Skills: use of all skills

Important Notes

Medical Tech: Regeneration (REGEN (TL8) tanks are standard at large facilities and capital ships

Player Character Information

Role: Military/Civilian Mecha Pilots
Espers: Huh? Wha?
Espers as PC: See above
Frequency: do we have to continue this thread???
Aliens: Yes
How Common: Uncommon
Alien PC: No
Stat Generation: Cinematic Characters (70 points)
Skills: Rookie or professional templates allowed

Physical Space, Government and Culture

Planetary Systems: 113
Planets: 137
Common Languages: Galactic Standard (Galact), Trace, Imperial Galact, Numean (start with their native language at lvl 8)
Government: 3 major powers. The United Galactic Federation (Federation), the Grande Empire (Empire), and the Pacifican Concordate (PacCon). Specifics listed separately.

Mechs (Mobile Armors) and Requirements

Type: All. Custom machines are available, but expensive.
Role: combat, civilian construction, work, etc.
Availability: Common, used in most walks of life
Powerplants: Hot powerplants are common. Powerplant splitting is uncommon.
Pilot controls: Screens. Linear (Virtual) are rare.
Weight Efficiency: 25 percent maximum
Space Efficiency: Allowed
Reactive Shields: Ablative only
Remote Control: yes
Gravitics: yes. Max 12MA
Transformables: yes
Scaling: Allowed (NOTE: Armor NEVER scales up, DC does)

Prohibited systems:

  • Disrupter melee weapons and ammunition.
  • Gravity lens
  • Morphable Energy pools
  • Cloaking
  • Techno-organics
  • Lightspeed (on mechs)
  • Teleportation


Starships: Military, Government, and commercial
Space Travel: Common

Optional Rules

Anime Leaps: No (silly boy…you can’t leap 10 meters in the air…)
Stats above 10: No (stat range should be between 4 and 8)
Skills above 10: Yes (Starting maximum of 6)
Missile Travel Time: No
G-Factor: Yes (MZ 105)
Extra Actions: extra crew/commander rule in effect (MZ+ 49/50)
Let’s Active!: Yes
Missile Priming: No

Campaign Series Synopsis

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